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Benefits of Beurer Electronic Heated Pads

Benefits of Heat Pads vs Hot Water Bottles

  • Very safe to use (no boiling water required)

  • Constant and controllable heat

  • Comfortable and cosy feel

  • Application can be moulded to your body for the specific treatment of aches, pains and strains.

  • Special purpose models have been developed by Beurer for joints, backs, shoulders etc.

  • Energy efficient v’s boiling electric kettle for water


It is worth noting that all Beurer heat pads conform to stringent safety regulations which regulate the maximum temperature to a level that is beautifully warm but not overly hot. Unlike products that use boiling water this assures safety for you and your family.

Where are Beurer Heat Pads made?

We are proud of our factory and amazing dedicated staff located in Vészprem, Hungary since 1992. The excellent technical qualification of our employees, and their stringent quality control regime ensure the highest standards.  Worldwide leadership in ultrasonic production technology. Permanent internal and external quality audits ensure our high-quality standards are maintained.


Technical information

About our Oeko-Tek 100 Certification:


All Beurer heat pads, foot warmers and belts feature Oeko-Tek 100 certification as verified by the Hohenstein Research Institute.

Our ‘Confidence in Textiles’ labelling indicates our product conforms to strict safety standards designed to ensure people are not exposed to harmful chemicals via textiles.


About the Beurer Safety System:

All Beurer heat pads, foot warmers and belts (except wireless models) include the Beurer Safety System (BSS). Benefits include: Automatic switch-off in the case of malfunction and electronic sensor technology to regulate temperature.

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