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As with all our products safety comes first. The heat pad was created to offer a safe and sustainable alternative to hot water bottles. Knowing about the number of horrific burns and life changing injuries suffered from the use of hot water bottles, especially when boiling water is used, the concept of the heat pad was born.

Using the very latest technology, much of it invented and patented by Beurer, our heat pads conform to the most stringent European safety standards. Each pad and blanket maintains the maximum temperature to a level that is beautifully warm but not overly hot via electronic sensor technology. Most importantly all Beurer heat pads and belts feature automatic switch-off in the very rare case of malfunction.

In addition our ‘Confidence in Textiles’ labelling indicates our products conform to Oeko-Tek 100 regulations, designed to ensure people are not exposed to harmful chemicals via textiles, as verified by the Hohenstein Research Institute.

To conclude you can have peace of mind when purchasing a Beurer Heat pad. Be it a gift for a relative, a gift to you, or something for the little ones to keep cosy, our heat pads and heated blankets are the safest on the market and will keep you and your family safe and warm!

A lot of burns are sustained whilst filling the bottle with boiling water.

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Throw away your old hot water bottle today and try a superior alternative! #hotwaterbottle , #notahotwaterbottle , #Beurer , #BeurerUK – provides modern electric heat pads and IR lamps that offer a safer, more controllable usability than the traditional, old fashioned, and potentially dangerous, hot water bottle; hot water bottles have a tendency to rot and leak, plus added risk of spillage when filling with boiling hot water.


At we have products that can safely and quickly help reduce pain in your muscles, back, legs, neck, tummy, ankles etc. – and products that will keep you warm in bed (or outside) during the winter months.


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