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Tucked up all safe and sound...

The heated mattress cover, aka electric blanket, is sometimes overlooked and perhaps considered a tad old fashioned. In reality it is a cost efficient and effective way of keeping the winter chill at bay! We believe you will be pleasantly surprised with the wide range of features our mattress covers offer and most importantly you will be able to sleep soundly knowing your safety is our priority!

As the name suggests the Monogram by Beurer Komfort range, is made with a luxuriously soft fleece and ultra-thin wires, to offer maximum warmth and comfort. They are fully fitted with a deep, elasticated skirt which fits easily to your mattress just like a fitted sheet. The user-friendly, detachable controller has six temperature settings, including a pre-heat facility, as well as an adjustable automatic switch-off function which you can set for 1, 3, 6 or 12 hours. Fast heat-up time enables you to feel the warmth in just 8 minutes, whilst low energy usage means that it costs less than 2p per night (8 hours usage) to use.

Fully equipped with the Beurer ‘Sleep Safe’ (BSS) automatic shut-off system, you can have total peace of mind. The BBS ensures, that every Monogram by Beurer electric blanket will switch off if a fault occurs to prevent over heating. This fail safe system has been designed to ensure the safety of you and your family. All of our blankets meet the most stringent European safety standards.

So enjoy the wonderful safe warmth these heated mattress covers offer whilst being tucked up this winter!

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