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Helping to keep you pain free so you can fight the flab....

From new trainers to gym membership, Britons will spend £2.8billion fighting the flab this January. More than four in five Brits (82 per cent) will start a health kick with two fifths (42 per cent) revealing they'll be focusing on their fitness, according to a study carried out by

So if you are one of these planning to hit the gym and shed a few pounds then help is at hand to ease away any aches or pains, you may endure, ensuring you won’t be a one hit wonder and will be back again and again pounding the tread mill.

Our range of special heat pads are designed to specifically treat and help manage stiffness in your neck, shoulder, joints and back. The therapeutic heat relieves muscle spasm, reduces pain and increases blood flow to an injured area speeding up the healing process of muscle strain. These heat pads are a natural alternative to medicines.

Made from a soft, cosy and breathable fleece they fit snug and secure to your body. They feature rapid heat-up function and 3 temperature settings selectable from the user-friendly, detachable and illuminated controller. BSS overheat safety protection is built-in, ensuring that the heat pad will automatically shut-off after 90 minutes of continuous use. It is also worth noting that all Beurer heat pads conform to stringent safety regulations which ensures that the maximum temperature is beautifully warm but overly hot.

So don’t miss a moment, try and stay pain free with one of our special purpose heat pads and achieve those New Year targets...

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