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Beat the chill and enjoy health benefits with the FW20 foot warmer....

Turn cold toes into lovely cosy ones with the FW20 fast-heating electric Foot Warmer. It's perfect for beating the chill whilst you are sat in the comfort of your favourite chair or for easing aches and pains in tired feet.

This foot warmer features an easy to use control unit with sliding on/off switch and an illuminated display. It benefits from the BSS (Beurer Safety System) and automatically turns itself off after 90 minutes so you don’t need to worry about nodding off. Its three temperature settings, turbo heating function and comfortable fleece lining ensure you can keep your feet warm while relaxing without having to heat your whole household.

Benefits of the Beurer Electric Foot Warmer:

Those suffering with Raynaud's Phenomenon can combat the chill of this cold condition with a wonderfully warming foot warmer with body-hugging softness.

It can assist in alleviating Arthritic pain by helping to warm joints, a little extra heat can go a long way to ensuring the greatest comfort.

Those individuals suffering from poor circulation can enjoy the toasty warmth provided by this foot warmer and improved circulation.

The extra soft fluffy fleece fabric lining is thankfully breathable meaning that while your feet are warming up, they won't become uncomfortable. Healthy feet have to breathe! And don't worry about the fleecy lining either - it is detachable so you can pop it into the washing machine when you are ready to freshen it up!

As with all personal heating products from Beurer - this foot warmer comes with a 3 year guarantee - so you'll have the reassurance of this and the promise of super-toasty warm feet how can you resist?

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