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Warm Feet – Warm Heart

It’s always unpleasant when your feet are cold, but did you know it’s also good for your health and wellbeing to keep your feet warm?

Suffering with cold feet is a sign of poor circulation and can often be accompanied by aches and pains or numbness. By keeping your feet warm, you help to improve circulation which will in-turn offer some much-needed relief from all these discomforts.

But it’s not just your feet that will benefit

In reflexology, it is believed that your feet are intimately connected to the rest of your body, with 72,000 nerve endings which connect your feet to various areas of the body. Warming your feet in a bowl of warm water, or better still with an electric footwarmer, can help reduce stress and relieve pain in other parts of your body as well as your feet.

Who remembers bed socks?

Before central heating, they were a thing, and with good reason. Cold feet are likely to lead to poor sleep; difficulty getting to sleep and poor quality of sleep when you do. Using a footwarmer before bed helps to keep your feet warm which then distributes heat around the body, so you slip into a deep sleep in comfort.

Feel the love

So, the physical benefits may seem easy to spot but have you ever noticed the emotional benefits of having toasty toes? Cold feet and make you glum, tense and even irritable; imagine the thought of heading out on a Summer’s night in comparison to that on a cold Winter’s night – not so eager eh? In fact, if you do go out in the cold, the biggest part of the fun is to keep warm; donning your favourite winter woollies, huddling around the wood burner, or drinking hot chocolate by the bonfire.

So while the saying goes ‘warm hands, warm heart’, it’s actually your feet you need to take care of to feel at your best.


Beurer Cosy Footwarmer

RRP: £44.99

Available from:

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