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A Heated Mattress Cover That Zaps The Dust Mites In Your Bed… Say What!?

The thought of using a heated mattress cover throughout summer is probably enough to get you tossing and turning but what if we told you it could reduce your allergies, relieving that groggy feeling when you wake up; and kill dust mites in your mattress.

Allergic rhinitis affects between 10% and 30% of adults and as many as 40% of children¹; the cold-like symptoms are often triggered by household dust, dust mites and their droppings. That’s not to say your home is dirty; dust mites thrive on dead skins cells, moisture, and warm dark environments; and during their 80-day lifespan, each female can lay between 25-30 eggs per week², making these critters a serious challenge to get rid of. The truth is, depending on the age of your mattress, it could be home to up to 10 million dust mites and their waste particles².

Based on these skin-crawling facts, Beurer, being the natural innovators they are, have taken one of their super soft, breathable cotton heated mattress covers, and given it an allergy-free make-over; the Beurer AllergyFree Heated Mattress Cover with Allergy Protection.

Why is it so super?


The cotton is treated with a sanitised barrier, developed to repel dust mites from making their way to the surface of your mattress.


Included in the 6 temperature settings is an anti-allergy heat boost; a 10-minute programme that will heat to 60°C, killing house dust mites and their eggs. During summer, you can simply zap your bed once a week to keep the mites at bay and by bedtime, your bed is as cool as you like.


Unlike your mattress, the heated mattress cover is machine washable at 30°, keeping your bed a clean and healthy environment for a good night’s sleep.

So, if you thought a heated mattress cover was just a winter must-have to keep your bed cosy, think again. Take a look at all the Beurer AllergyFree Heated Mattress Cover has to offer, here.

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