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The popularity of our heat pads has been most noticeable this winter season. Typically, in the UK we have relied upon a hot water bottle when it comes to duvet days or temperature drops - to the shock our German friends - but now it seems Britain's are at last discovering the safe and consistent warmth of an electric heat pad.

But these clever devices can be used for so much more than just keeping the pesky cold at bay. Within our heating range we boast several heats pads which are designed to target specific areas and alleviate pain associated with muscle strain and stiffness.

Our range of special heat pads are designed to specifically treat and help manage stiffness in your neck, shoulder, joints and back. The therapeutic heat relieves muscle spasm, reduces pain and increases blood flow to an injured area speeding up the healing process of muscle strain.

So in essence to summarise Beurer heat pads are multi- purpose, their soothing heat not only keeps you warm, helps you to relax and unwind but also gets you back on the mend! What’s not to love?

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