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Beat the Christmas Market Chill

Who doesn’t love a Christmas Market? The lights, the aromas, the mulled wine... there’s nothing more festive. But as the day draws on, the winter chill can put a bit of a dampener on that festive cheer.Our latest range of heats pads are the perfect answer; they’re wireless so you can take them anywhere with you! With a high-performance lithium-ion battery you’re guaranteed around 2 hours of warmth; when the chill sets in and your spirits begin to drop, you can enjoy a warming boost.

The wireless range

Beurer Heated Snood HK37

​​A fashionable cable knit snood with a concealed powerpack and ultra-thin, flexible heating elements that you’ll barely notice are there. The fleece lining adds warmth when worn as a normal snood but when the cold gets the better of you, simply turn on the heat to one of the three temperature settings and regain your Christmas glow.

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Beurer Seat Heat Pad HK47

When it’s time to stop for a Bratwurst, you’ll grab any surface you can find in the crowds to take a seat and rest those aching feet. The wireless seat heat pad will make any wall comfy and cosy; compact and understated, you can slip the heat pad out of your bag and switch on the heat without anyone looking twice. Questions will only arise when you’re the only one not shivering! Read more >

Beurer Shoulder Heat Pad HK57

You know the drill; if you want to keep warm, keep those shoulders covered. The wireless shoulder heat pad is comfortable and discreet enough to wear under your coat in place of a scarf. The extra-soft fibres will keep you warm, then when the chill bites you can power-up the heat to keep you going until the choir sings the last chorus. Read more >

Beurer Warmth Belt HK67

Keep your core warm and your core will keep you warm; if your core gets cold it stops pumping blood out to your extremities and just takes care of itself, leaving you with cold toes and icy hands. The wireless warmth belt takes care of your core warmth helping to keep your entire body warm; comfortable and discreet enough to be worn under your clothes, simply turn it on when your teeth start to chatter and feel yourself defrost in minutes. Read more >

If there's one thing the German's can do as good as Christmas Markets, it's heat pads!

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