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Keep warm, cosy and safe this winter...

It’s that time of the year when the light nights start to come to a close, the leaves are falling and the cold is beginning to set in.

However, fear not Beurer heat products can keep the cold at bay. From your head to your toes we have it covered.

Our heat pads are ideal for use on areas that welcome heat, such as the back, neck, shoulders, abdomen and not forgetting the feet. Quick to warm, and many boasting three temperature settings, what’s there not to love? You can enjoy hours of wonderful warmth.

Keeping you on the safe side all our heated products are fitted with the Beurer Safety System (BSS) meaning each pad and blanket maintains the maximum temperature to a level that is beautifully warm but not overly hot via electronic sensor technology. Most importantly all Beurer heat pads and belts feature automatic switch-off in the very rare case of malfunction.

Unlike hot water bottles, our pads not only retain the same level of constant heat, but their super soft-touch, skin-friendly material means they gently mould to the body for added, direct comfort.

Another benefit: almost all Beurer heating products are machine-washable thanks to the removable switches.

So embrace the winter and enjoy being warm, cosy and safe with our range of heat pads!

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