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THE Heated Underblanket For The Connected Home.

We know that train-track wires and unpredictable temperatures are a thing of the past when it comes to heated underblankets; today’s numbers are soft, fitted and have barely-there elements that anyone would be hard-pushed to notice.

But the Konnect Heated Underblanket goes one-step further (a giant step might I add) to fit in with our modern lives; the Konnect offers complete remote control so you can warm your bed before you get into it… or before you even arrive home.

Beurer CosyNight is a free app that brings brilliant functionality to your heated underblanket; not only can you choose to switch you underblanket on ahead of you hitting the hay (or even from the taxi on your way home) it offers a whole host of other functions.

Here are 3 of our favourites:


You can set your bed to be warm at varying times throughout the week; Monday to Friday you might want to warm your bed early for those sensible bed times; and Saturday and Sunday you might want your blanket to stay on a little longer in the morning for those lazy lie-ins.

Heat Zones

You can completely tailor the temperature of your bed, so you get the best night’s sleep possible; dual heat zones allow you to separate your body temperature from your feet temperature. Each heat zone also offers adjustable timeframes for the blanket to operate within, and there are even separate heat zones for your partner’s side of the bed.

Energy Consumption

You can finally monitor the cost of your warming your bed with an electric underblanket; traditionally, heated underblankets have been a luxury for many but with Beurer, you can actually warm your bed for as little as 2 pence per night and continually monitor your spend.

“Alexa, warm my bed”

The Konnect Underblanket is even Alexa-enabled; so, if your home is fast becoming a ‘smart’ home, the Beurer Konnect Heated Underblanket is definitely the one for you.


Beurer Konnect Heated Underblanket

from £179.99

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