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Want help getting back on the streets or in the saddle?

With the lighter nights finally here are you pounding the streets and striving to reach that extra mile or finding that extra gear? We are all guilty of pushing ourselves and not listening to our body resulting in a muscle strain or two. If you are feeling a twinge then we have a selection of heat pads which may be able to relieve some of the discomfort.

Therapeutic heat can help reduce pain and increase blood flow to the injured area. The therapeutic effect of heat speeds up the healing process of a sports injury.

Heat therapy can be used during the repair stage of an injury when new tissue is being formed. We recommend heat be applied 48 to 72 hours after the initial injury for example after ice has been used, and when you can see that swelling is reduced. That’s because heat increases the blood flow to the injury area, and that can increase swelling.

Heat can be used to reduce muscle spasms, increase flexibility, decrease joint stiffness and limber up soft tissue. Heat therapy can also loosen tight muscles and joints during a warm-up before you exercise, possibly preventing injury and is effective for treatment of muscle cramps along with stretching and massage.

Click here to be taken to our range of special heat pads designed specifically to help manage pain and stiffness in your neck, shoulder, joints and back allowing you to literally get back on the streets or in the saddle quicker!

​Please note heat in any form should not be applied to an acute injury or where discoloration or swelling is present. We recommend if your symptoms persist you seek advice from your GP or another qualified medical professional.

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